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Quant One


Quant Garden One is designed to be used on lawn surfaces. If You want to use it indoor or hard space, should buy a Quant Living Wall Pot.


This product, which comes boxed and disassembled, can be installed easily by two people. The user guide and all the materials needed for installation are included in the box, including fixing poles to secure the product to the surface.


The Quant Garden one is made of steel. The steel frame is coated with two layers of electrostatic paint to prevent rusting. The paint does not contain any harmful chemicals to human health.


If the area to be used is exposed to strong winds or heavy pedestrian or vehicle traffic, necessary measures should be taken. Climate conditions, sunlight and shadows should be taken into consideration when choosing the plants to be used.


We recommended that you ask your local nursery for advice.


The Box includes: *The steel frame *Felt sets to use living wall on one side *Fixing poles to secure the wall to ground. *Side Covers


Box Dimensions cm/inch: 90cm x 90cm x 15cm / 35.5” x 35.5” x 5.9”


Assembled Product Dimensions in cm/inch: 90cm x 180cm x 15cm / 35.5” x 70” x 5.9”


Check out our videos to see more about the installation process and how beautiful our living walls look like;


Box sizes cm/inch:

  • 90cm x 90cm x 5cm / 35.5” x 35.5” x 2”
  • Assembled product dimensions: 90cm x 180cm x 15cm / 35.5” x 70”