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Quant Landscaping Services Inc, founded in Vancouver, CANADA in 2018, is a leading company in the industry. We are known for our innovative engineering in several Landscaping areas. In addition to providing services to many public institutions and private sectors, we produce state-of-the-art solutions in the Living Walls field and are continuously striving to raise the bar.

At Quant Landscaping Services, we have adopted professional ethics and discipline as our founding principles. With the “Quant Living Wall” system, which was developed in 2019, we aimed to make Living Wall Systems available to nature lovers easily and affordably.

Thanks to the Quant product range, you can now turn your balconies and terraces into walls where you can grow plants, flowers and even fruits and vegetables. You can also use our living walls to divide and fence large areas in your gardens. You can make a significant difference to your open areas with ease thanks to the system’s straightforward assembly instructions, and the durability of our products, backed by our years of engineering experience, means you can rely on our products to last.

Get it, install it, enjoy it…