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Make A Difference With Quant Living Walls!

Make A Difference With Quant Living Walls!


Environmental Benefits:

Quant Living Wall Systems can help to reduce traffic noise, urban heat islands and sudden temperature changes. They save space, allowing you to grow plants in even the narrowest of areas.

30 plants are used per square meter even in small areas in indoor applications. This allows the system to improve the indoor air quality through the oxygen that is produced by the hundreds of plants involved.

The leaves of plants not only remove toxic substances from the air, but have also been proven to reduce sound levels in their environment through reflection and refraction. People have used plants and trees for many years as a barrier to reduce traffic and other urban noise pollution. Vertical garden applications on the exterior and interior facades of a building can also improve thermal insulation levels, and can provide numerous other benefits.

Social Benefits:

Living walls have a positive effect on physical and mental health. People feel more peaceful, happy and stress-free in green areas.
The color green helps to reduce stress by softening the gray, cold appearance of concrete buildings, shopping malls and roads, helping to refresh the human body and soul. It is well known that people who live in green environments are calmer, more peaceful and happier.

Economic Benefits:

The most striking economic benefit of the Quant Living Wall System is that it has the potential to increase residential and commercial real estate values by up to 20%. This helps in giving potential buyers a positive impression of the property. It softens the face of modern buildings, residences and hotels and adds natural character and warmth to structures that can otherwise be quite lifeless.

The Quant Living Wall System can replace the frequently used separating wall elements in villa projects and can be applied to existing walls at certain intervals, and it contributes to the creation of more green areas for the landscaped aspects of such projects.

Energy Saving Benefits:

Substances get naturally hot when they are exposed to sunlight. The same is true for buildings. Research has shown that walls covered with vertical gardens absorb UV rays and can lower building temperatures by 10 degrees.
In winter, our Living Wall System acts as an extra layer of insulation. The air gap between the wall and the system reduces the heat that escapes while preventing the cold coming in.

  • Make a difference to your balconies with Quant!
  • An aesthetic method to define the boundaries of your garden.
  • Quant: Easy installation, easy maintenance.
  • It enhances every space it’s installed in.
  • Grow vegetables and herbs together.
  • Easy installation on any floor, in any area.
  • Grow vegetables in gardens and on terraces with Quant.